API Documentation

Mynaijatech API:- is simple and easy to use, on your website but before you do anything, you should create a free Mynaijatech Account account. Then we will provide you with API Keys that you can use to make API calls.



Authenticate your API calls by including your API KEY in the Authorization header of every request for purchase and subscription. You can manage your API keys from the dashboard. Your API KEY should be kept secret, If for any reason you believe your secret key has been compromised or you wish to reset them, you can do so from the dashboard. But you don't need authentication to access some part of our API. You can simply make GET Request to query Data.


Request the details of a particular Service including Name, Logo, Amount, Convenience Fee, Product Type, Minimum and Maximum Amount Allowed, it helps in billing customer and payment validation during transactions, with this, you don't necessary need to get all the details of the service from the User End you can dynamically query each service from your Back end.

Example and Response below
GET: mynaijatech.com/client/api/service?service=card
{ "displayName": "Recharge Card Printing", "name": "card", "planName": "plan", "max": "50000", "min": "50", "fee": "0", "feePercentage": false, "feeCapped": "0" }

This request helps to get the list of available field on a particular service.

Example and Response: fields under 9Mobile
GET: mynaijatech.com/client/api/fields?service=card
{ "service": "Recharge Card Printing", "field": [ { "displayName": "Amount", "name": "amount", "type": "number", "description": "", "regExp": "", "required": false }, { "displayName": "Message", "name": "message", "type": "text", "description": "Custom message that will be displayed with notification when a user loads the card. Maximum of 15 characters", "regExp": "", "required": false } ] }